Giving Thanks During a Most Challenging Time

Giving Thanks During a Most Challenging Time

The Covid pandemic goes on and on.   Around the world, people look for an end to this life-altering event.   With vaccines on the horizon, there is reason to believe we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. 

Finding good in all the Covid darkness (e.g. lost loved ones, isolation from family and friends, unemployment, shuttered businesses, etc.) had been challenging, but not impossible.    Stepping into the lives of others, and offering a helping hand, can not only help them, but give you great purpose and a joyful feeling.   Going into the holiday season, looking around to our neighbors, family and friends and offering compassion, will strengthen our communities and provide needed hope. 

Consider making a financial gift to a charity of your choice.   The CARES Act provides a unique gift to us this year.   Even if you do not itemize your tax deductions (rather, you file your taxes using the Standard Deduction), you can donate $300 and get a tax deduction.   This is for 2020 only!

There are so many great organizations deserving of our help.   Your financial gifts, and your personal investment in people, can help overcome the fear and anxiety surrounding a mysterious virus.   

Has this been a tough year?  You bet!   But, we have witnessed great courage by medical professionals and first responders.   We have school systems challenged, like never before, to provide education to our children.  They have improvised and flexed to meet that need.   Scientists, around the globe, are burning the midnight oil to accelerate the creation of vaccine.   My hope is 2020 is viewed as a year of great perseverance and human compassion.   

As for us at Anchor Pointe, we are grateful for you, your spirit, and the future you have passionately planned for.   Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your lives.  Wishing you great health, happiness, and optimism for a brighter tomorrow, during this holiday season!